by Carruthe

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released January 28, 2014

Marshall sucks.



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Carruthe Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: Giants
Would tears keep you gone? Or would they bring you back? I need you to remain there, need you to remain intact. I'm a ghost inside your home, hiding and searching for sleep. The walls howl at me, begging me to go, but they know that I can't leave. So take an ax to my wooden bones and rip the roots from a broken heart, because I've been trying my best but I need some help entirely falling apart. Giants walked and walked on my bruised and aching chest. The sunset made me think of you as it ran towards the west.
Track Name: Her Voice
Tell my heart to stop beating so loudly,
Ask the birds out back to quiet their song,
Keep the doors from creaking, the trumpets from sounding,
Quiet the melodies I've known for so long.

So long.

Ask the ground to muffle the raindrops' fall,
Plead with the ocean to make no noise.
Tell the mourners around me, "No sobbing at all."
If all is quiet I'll still hear her voice.
Track Name: Holden
I wait for you to come around.
I wait for some kind of sign.
I wait for my body to drown.
Throw me in the river after I die.

I wait at the museum,
Everything here stays the same.
There is a beauty in the routine,
I know these are the words that you'd say.

It's hard for me this time of year.
Let me help you out of your ice skates.
I can't promise that I'll want to stay here,
but you could help me when my mind starts to break.

Oh Phoebe, do you need me like I need you?
Because I doubt that you do.
Track Name: Elizabeth
I watched all that I had sail away. The bottom of the ship looks like a face with coral lips, laughing in the waves. They smile at me as I sink towards my grave. I called you and you said it saved your life. As a breaking sun decided to end the night, we decided it wasn't best to take our lives. I never convinced myself that we were right. I am I and wish that I wasn't. I will die and whither away to nothing, but I won't mind if you come swim in it with me. I won't mind, you and I, drowning in the deep. Elizabeth, I need your comfort now. I'm confident you'll rescue me somehow. I'm confident I am not the man you need. My arms reach out towards you, anchor around my feet. When the water in my lungs causes me to die, promise me at my funeral you'll dry your eyes. We promised that we wouldn't let us see each other cry. Comfort me at my grave with your lies.